Enabling Innovators

Expertise in advanced control systems and autonomous capabilities for mobile machine industries.

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JCA Electronics is active in Agriculture, Construction, Mining and several other off-highway industries.


Active in Precision Farming, Implement Control, Grading and Autonomous Systems, JCA Electronics works with Equipment Manufacturers to provide improved in the field solutions.


Using lessons from our experience implementing products for the mobile machinery markets, JCA Electronics focuses on technologies like mapping, guidance, control systems to deliver effective solutions.


Our diverse range of capabilities allow our partner Equipment Manufacturers to get their product into the field early and successfully while only dealing with one supplier.

JCA Electronics

A trusted partner for off-highway equipment manufacturers.

Delivering Innovative, Comprehensive Electronics And Control Systems.

What Our Company Does

We Transform Ideas Into Products using Technology

We use technology to develop products that we combine together into systems that provide functionality in our customer’s applications for a variety of industries.

What We Do
A Little Of Our Story

Built to Enable Innovators

JCA Electronics has been a successful partner to equipment manufacturers in the mobile machine industry for over 16 years. Delivering manufacturing services including electrical harnesses, control panels and electronics to a range of engineering services that help get your innovations to the field.

About Us
Electrical System Design and Manufacturing

Interested in Wire Harness, Control Panel and Electronics Manufacturing?

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Enabling Innovators

We help manufacturers of mobile machinery provide solutions to their customers. From harnesses and control panels to innovative engineered solutions built on top of our controller platform, JCA Electronics is a proven partner.

Innovative Engineering

We are proud to be constant innovators. We seek customer challenges that drive us to find product improvements through well thought out solutions harnessing the latest technologies in mobile machine controls.

Proven Partner

From the initial stages of collaborating on an engineered solution to project commissioning to product support, we take pride in our ability to deliver superior customer service and responsiveness to their needs.

Responsive and Accurate Manufacturing

Over 16 years of building product for the agriculture, mining and construction industries have refined a culture of constant improvement that has allowed us to provide responsive, accurate and cost effective manufacturing services.

Technology Lessons from Mobile Machines


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