Manitoba’s Future in High Performance Computing – June 6, 2019

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Visit us at Manitoba’s Future in High Performance Computing where Darcy Cook, VP of Engineering at JCA, will be speaking on the “Development of Advanced Sensing and Control of Agricultural Applications using ROS (Robot Operating System)”.

Advanced sensing and control technologies have been developing at a very fast rate, opening up new opportunities for solving unique application problems with off-highway machines. Many of these applications require integrating technologies and applying algorithms that have been used for years in the field of robotics. However, with these new opportunities for increased value through automation, there is also an increase in the complexity of designs. There is a need to use tools that can reduce complexity of development with advanced systems, allowing engineers to spend time on solving their unique application problems, rather than on integration and low-level technology problems that have been solved many times in the past.

ROS (Robot Operating System) has evolved out of the world of robotics to allow for rapid development and deployment of systems by building on a wide array of open-source technology. JCA Electronics has successfully applied ROS in several agricultural machine applications, using our ruggedized electronics platforms for deployment of ROS-based systems used in advanced sensing and control applications. This talk will provide an overview of ROS, its benefits and challenges in off-highway applications, and examples of how it can be used for rapid development and deployment of advanced off-highway machine applications.


Manitoba’s Future in High Performance Computing – 2019, Digital Ag

Theme:                HPC offers many opportunities for Manitoba’s Industry, Small Businesses and Academe, to collaborate and succeed together.

Date of Event:     June 6th, 2019. (Thursday)

Time:                   7:30 Registration Begins am and Conference concludes at 4:30 pm (with a networking session and cash bar to follow)

Location:            University of Winnipeg, Eckhardt Gramatté Hall

Type of Activity: Networking Workshop with Industry, Academic and Government participants

Sponsors:           University of Winnipeg, University of Manitoba, Red River College, IEEE, ICTAM, ADE & Company Inc., EnviroTREC, Virtuistix and BAM

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